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Освітня програма: Management in Health Care (англомовна програма)

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Educational MSc Program "Management in Health Care" is a fundamental program for graduates of bachelor programs, as well as entrants of educational qualification level of any specialization who have a clear motivation to work in the field of health care and have the necessary qualities for implementation of the curriculum.

The structure of the educational program provides a core of mandatory knowledge that forms a trained specialist at the intersection of three specializations - management, health care systems and public health.

The program provides great opportunities for deepening knowledge in the areas of students' interests: during the second year of study, students of this master's program study a number of elective courses and also prepare a master's thesis.

The orientation of the program is applied and research activities. The master thesis is an independent study of a problematic issue in the field of health management.

The program provides a high intensity of learning and immersion of the student in the learning process. It requires from the student the ability to determine their own learning strategy, work in conditions of uncertainty, to show initiative in the process of their own learning. The aim of the program is to prepare a graduate who is not only armed with the necessary industry knowledge, but also ready to work in turbulent conditions of change in the health care system.

The educational program enables graduates to be fully prepared for a career in the private, non-governmental or governmental health care sector.

The educational program, in particular, gives the opportunity to get positions and get a job in such organizations as:

  • middle and in the future senior managers in medical institutions, international organizations and projects;
  • specialists, health care consultants in such organizations as World Health Organization (WHO), international organizations, Ministry of Health (MOH), national projects, etc.;
  • specialists in economics in the health care organizations (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy, Department of Health, expert institutions, international projects, national programs, health care institutions, etc.).


The program provides English languages of instruction, as well as the fact that the program teaches both full-time teachers of the School of Health and external specialists working in the field, leading experts and experts in the field of health.


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Opportunity to study in English

Involvement in the teaching of international organizations (World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, etc.)

Involvement of students in scientific and project work of the department

Involvement in the teaching of leading practitioners of the health care system (nurses, doctors, heads of health care institutions of different levels and different forms of ownership, managers of various HCFs)

Enables graduates to be fully prepared to pursue careers in the private, private or government health care sector

Opportunity to practice in international projects, non-governmental organizations or government agencies in the field of health care


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